Illahee Forum

The Illahee Forum engages noted researchers, thinkers, writers, innovators, and practitioners to interact with our community of citizens, policy makers, businesses, and environmental professionals.  Below is a partial list of guests we have hosted as part of the forum:

David Suzuki – Towards a New Millenium: Setting the Bottom Line

Wade Davis – Vanishing Cultures, Enduring Lives

Michael Soulé – The Wildlands Project: A 1,000 Year Plan for North America

Dan Janzen – Rainforest: Use It or Lose It

Dennis Martinez – Indian Insights on Fire in the West

Greg Colfax – Makah Whaling: Culture, Conservation, Controversy

Nancy Turner – From Spirit to Sustenance: First Nations Use of Native Plants

Steward Brand – Sustainability and the Long Now

Lucy Blake – A Regional, Business Approach to Sustainability

Janine Benyus – Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Gretchen Daily – Sustainability & Ecosystem Services: A Systems Perspective

Lynn Margulis – Environment Earth: Gaia’s Past as Prologue

Richard B. Alley – Earth System Dynamic: A Bumpy Ride

David Quammen – Large Predators: Canaries in the Coalmine

Wes Jackson – Going Native: Natural Systems Agriculture

Robert Howarth – From Mountain to Sea: Nutrient Cycles Out of Balance

Allen Hammond – Which World?  Scenarios for the 21st Century

Jared Diamond – The Rise and Fall of Civilization

C.S. Holling – Panarchy: Understanding Human and Natural Systems

Michael Fay – The MegaTransect: Protecting Africa’s Rainforest

Derrick Jensen – Rethinking Civilization

Paul Ehrlich – Human Nature: Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect

Zhao Shidong – Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jerry Franklin – Conserving China’s Forests

Brian Walker – Restoring Australia’s Rangelands

Wade Davis – Threads in the Fabric of the Ethnosphere

Nilda Callanaupa – Andean Weavers and Our Environment

Daniel Pauly – World Fisheries Futures

David Quammen – Monsters of God

Ravi Chellam – Living with Lions: Conservation & Culture

William Cronon – Landscape Legacies: Learning from Our History

Stewart Brand – The Future of Cities As If the Past Mattered

Lucy Lippard – Three Ways to Enter a City

Jane Holtz Kay – Last Chance Landscapes: De-Paving & Re-Planning Cities

Bill McKibben – Beyond Resources: Vision and Community

Gary Snyder – Poet and Naturalist

Jerry Franklin – Reflections from Mt. Saint Helens…Twenty-five Years Later

Jaime Lerner – Curitiba: Another City that Works

James Kunstler – The Long Emergency: The American Dream Meets Reality

Kenneth Deffeyes – Hubbert’s Peak: The End of Oil

Maude Barlow – Water in the 21st Century: Conflict or Cooperation?

Michael Klare – Oil, Water and Global Security

Michael Pollan – Oil, Water and Agriculture

Andrew Revkin – Oil, Climate & Money

Catherine Austin Fitts – Money, Values & Action

Frank Ackerman – Everything You Know About Economics is Wrong

Marylin Waring – Money & Sex

David Sirota – Money & Politics

Andrew Newberg – Born to Believe

Juliet Schor – Why We Buy

Christopher Hedges – Why We Fight

James Tabor – Who Was Jesus

Julia Sweeny – Letting Go of God

Ken Taylor & John Perry – Philosophy Talk: Why We Want What We Want

Helen Fisher – Looking For Love

Susan Cheever – Extreme Desire

Steve Fraser – Wall Street: A History of Desire

Roger H. Bezdek – Peaking of World Oil

Peter H Gleick – Water and the New West: Economics, Politics, and Nature

Patricia Limerick – The Future of Energy and Water in the West

Richard White – Mistakes We Should Stop Making

Jane Lubchenco – The Environment and Human Well-being

Buck Parker – Moving an Environmental Agenda When the Government Won’t