Founded in 1998, Illahee provides partners, clients and participants with resources for environmental inquiry and innovation.

We’re unusual in that we’re more exploratory than most nonprofits.  We value questions, exploration and innovation .  We’ve found that this open-ended exploratory worldview resonates with our partners, clients and supporters.  Our focus is environmental issues, but environment is so interconnected with society, economics and culture, that we typically reach beyond environment when we explore issues.  While our core mission is inquiry, the result is better outcomes for partners and society.

Illahee Board of Directors

Illahee is served by a Board of Directors who come from diverse fields of interest including business, science, and the arts. They are dedicated our mission of environmental inquiry, exploration and innovation.

Jennifer Allen, Ph.D.
    Portland State University 

Greg Block
    Sustainable Northwest

Susan Bragdon
    Seeds for Change

Aaron Courtney
    Stoel Rives LLP

Dan Heagerty
    Public Trust for Water

Stuart Rosenfeld, Treasurer
    Indow Windows

Peter Schoonmaker, Ph.D., President

Illahee Advisory Council

The Illahee Advisory Council is a core group environment, business, government and culture leaders who share their expertise with Illahee.

Kenneth Ames, Ph.D.
    Portland State University, emeritus

Spencer Beebe

Wade Davis, Ph.D.
    National Geographic Society

Angus Duncan
    Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Kristy Edmunds
    UCLA Live

Brian Gard
    Gard, Strang, Edwards & Alderidge

Martin Gobel
    LegacyWorks Group

Elizabeth Johnson
    Oregon Senate

James Karr
    University of Washington, emeritus

Tom Lindley

Julie Mancini
    Mercy Corps

Dennis Martinez
    Indigenous People’s Restoration Network

David Pollock
    Stormwater Management

David Suzuki, Ph.D.
    The David Suzuki Foundation

Nancy Turner, Ph.D.
    University of Victoria

Sarah Vickerman

    Defenders of Wildlife, emerita

Illahee Supporters

In addition to our current sponsors, we would also like to thank the many funders and sponsors who helped get us started! After ten years it has become a long list, and we appreciate everyone who has contributed to the success of Illahee.